Steps To Sign-Up On E-DUES

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Everyone needs to get on E-Dues, the new dues collection system for AFGE. With E-Dues, you will have more autonomy on paying your dues with a bank draft, credit card or debit card on a recurrent payment plan.

As a union-busting tactic by this administration, payroll deduction will stop at any moment. The administration's goal is to leave you without the benefits of membership. Converting to E-Dues is how we fight back and keep you covered.

Signing up on E-Dues takes 5 easy steps!

How to get on E-dues:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select your agency- Veterans Affairs; Select your local-L2110

Step 3: Fill out the one page membership form (will show dues are $21 biweekly)

Step 4: Select skip rebate campaign

Step 5: Complete form 1188. You can find that form at: . Once you complete the form, scan and email to, indicating that you have converted to e-dues. Once we receive your email, we will process payroll cancellation so that you are not double billed.

In Solidarity!

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