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COVID-19 Paid Leave Now In Effect!


Families First Coronavirus Response Act is now in effect. But beware before using this leave, that it may result in a debt. Most employees are eligible for 80 hours of sick leave, up to $511/day for COVID-related quarantine or illness or 2/3 of your pay up to $200 per day to care for a family member who is ill or a child with COVID-related school closure. You only get80 hours total regardless of which type of leave you use. As VATAS coding is still in process, if you take this leave now, you may incur a debt and receive a debt letter.If your regular rate of pay is less than $511 per day or your 2/3 pay is less than $200 per day, you will not have a debt, however, if you make greater than $511 per day or 2/3 of your pay is greater than $200 per day you may have a debt. VA will be paying you your full salary as of now and you will have to refund the difference, so please consider this before taking this leave. You can consider using LWOP if able to for childcare needs until VA has VATAS properly coded. Training and guidance will be coming soon regarding proper use of this leave.

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